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The Southern Cross Postgraduate Association’s (SCPA) mission is to advance and defend the rights and interests of all postgraduate students enroled at Southern Cross University;  and to enrich the quality of the postgraduate student experience at SCU.

The association will achieve this through:
<li>Providing a strong and constructive voice for SCU’s postgraduate and honours student cohort, by representing them effectively on relevant SCU committees and decision bodies;</li>
<li>Providing information, advice, referral and advocacy support to SCU’s postgraduate and honours students;</li>
<li>Supporting the health and welfare of SCU’s postgraduate and honours students through exceptional circumstances financial assistance to eligible students;</li>
<li>Providing advanced skills training workshops and other online training resources to SCU’s postgraduate and honours students;</li>
<li>Providing an annual research and practice conference for SCU’s postgraduate and honours students;</li>
<li>Providing other professional, social and orientation events to SCU’s postgraduate and honours students;</li>
<li>Supporting postgraduate and honours study groups at SCU;</li>
<li>Actively participating as an affiliated member of Australia’s national postgraduate peak body, the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA);</li>
<li>Maintaining a strong and accessible office presence at all three of SCU’s major campuses, as well as developing a visible and effective online presence.</li>
Membership of SCPA is open to all postgraduate and honours students currently enroled at SCU and – wait! – there’s more! – membership is absolutely free of charge.

So why wait- <a href=”http://scpa.net.au/members/member-registration/”>join now!</a>

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