Praxis Conference Program 2023
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    There are limited spaces for presentation, so please complete the following information if you wish to present at the conference. Paper presentations should be timed at 15 minutes, with a further 5 minute “question-and-answer” session. Poster Presentations and Study Slam should be timed at 3 minutes. Once all abstracts are received a program will be devised – you will be allocated and notified a time for your presentation. Abstracts Due: COB Monday 20th May 2019.

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    Please provide a short working title for your presentation. This must be confirmed by COB Monday 20th May.

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    If there are more than one author please identify them here. Identify who will be giving the presentation.

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    Please complete the additional details if you wish to attend the conference. Notice of attendance is required for catering purposes. If you do not notify us of your attendance then we will not be able to provide you with morning, lunch or afternoon teas. Tea and coffee will be available at all times for all attendees. All Postgrads are welcome to attend even if only to come to listen to the rich diversity of ideas and research delivered by SCU’s finest & brightest!

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    Presenters will be provided with a maximum of 2 nights accommodation (Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th June only) if travelling 150km outside the Gold Coast region. If travelling within a 150km radius of the Gold Coast then presenters will be provided with 1 night accommodation on Tuesday 25th June. Please indicate below if you require accommodation, before doing so please read the travel and accommodation subsidy policy and complete the travel and accommodation subsidy form click here.

    Please provide preference for room sharing below i.e. you may know other students who are attending and wish to stay together or you may have a preference for sharing based on gender below:

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    The SCPA will subsidise travel costs for presenters travelling outside of a 150km radius only. Please indicate your expected travel costs to attend the conference.

    To view our Travel Subsidy Policy and to obtain a Travel Subsidy Claim Form please click here.

    Will you require assistance with travel costs?

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    Please indicate any dietary requirements you may have.

    Please identify any accessibility requirements to support your attendance.

    I understand that photography will be taken at the conference.

    MyMediasite recording will be used for presentations at PRAXIS. Please select your preference regarding the recording of your presentation.


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