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What is the real value of a postgraduate student?

The #Valuepostgrads campaign is an initiative to both quantify and qualify the value of postgraduate students beyond their tuition fee and to establish the real value of their contributions to a university and the higher education sector in Australia.  The value is evident through activities such as writing publications, casual teaching work, tutoring or taking on leadership roles during their time enrolled at university.


Some of this value can be established by looking at publication counts, higher education sector employment data and by working with different higher education institutions.


For example the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that postgraduate students contribute over 57% of the human resources dedicated to research and development in the higher education sector per annum. But this data and statistics only provide part of the picture around the true value of all postgraduate students.


What is your role in the value of postgraduates?

Your role is pivotal in raising awareness and being more valuable than your qualification or your thesis you produce or publications you write.  We want to know what your degree will contribute, and we want to share what you have to say to start a conversation about the value for Coursework and Research students.  We also want to hear about why funding our education sector is important for you to be able to conduct your studies and/or your research.  In an environment where the funding of education services and grants are limited and not likely to improve your voice on the issues can help ensure that valuable contributions can continue to be made by postgraduate students in the future.


You can help by taking a moment to show us about your degree and sharing the #Valuepostgrads campaign with your friends and colleagues.


How to participate in #Valuepostgrads

  1. Download and print a copy of the poster template from
  2. Write down your answer to the poster and hold it up and take a picture with it.
  3. Upload your picture to the website or share it with the #Valuepostgrads and #postgradlyf and post it to the Facebook page
  4. Start a conversation about the value of postgraduate students.




#Valuepostgrads Campaign Guide


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