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Shae Brown


Currently I am undertaking a Doctorate of Philosophy course part-time. My Masters Degree in Education was undertaken here at Southern...Read More

Jane Mosco

Vice President (acting)

I am currently a PhD candidate with the Centre for Children and Young People in the School of Arts and...Read More

Hannah McGuigan


I am in my final year of my PhD in sports psychology. Specifically I’m looking at how to manage and...Read More

Gurmeet Matharu


I completed a Bachelors of Commerce in 2002, a Masters of Commerce in 2005 and a Post Graduate Diploma in...Read More

Thilinika Wijesinghe

Ordinary Member

Thilinika Wijesinghe is a primary and secondary school teacher, and current Ph.D candidate. Thili is an active member of the...Read More

Megan Lee

Ordinary Member

Megan has a Bachelor in Psychological Science (Honours) and is currently in her third PhD year in the Faculty of...Read More

Emanuel Cartacai

Ordinary Member

Emanuel is a Business and Information Technology (IT) Leader with 17 years of experience delivering holistic business-critical solutions to private...Read More

Anna Peters

Ordinary Member

I have completed two masters at Southern Cross University (SCU): LCBA Gastronomic Tourism, and Business Administration. Commencing Master Business Law...Read More

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