Praxis Conference Program 2023
Postgrads Helping Postgrads to Succeed

PRAXIS 2019 saw over 80 Postgrads and their supporters attend the two days of the conference on the Gold Coast Campus. Some great photos capturing the event can be viewed below:

The conference featured a broad range of high quality presentations on emerging areas of research and the lived experience of postgraduate students. Videos can be viewed via the links below:


Babbage, Emma. ‘Reflections and projections in the six months post Confirmation: narrowing my focus and doing my research


Barlow, Shelley. “It’s a love/hate relationship”: physiotherapists and their encounters with people with chronic pain


Boukaka, Exhaussee. A metaanalysis of the efficacy and efficiency of approaches for P removal from wastewater


Brown, Shae. A Patterns-based Design: Complexity thinking and understanding for students


Dhonsi, Tarandeep Kaur. School Readiness: Perspectives of Early Childhood Educators


Edl, Mahesh. Enhancing the Efficiency of the Rectifier Circuit by Multilevel Switching for Self-Powered Piezoelectric Material


Hillman, Peita. How active leisure events can jumpstart the journey to transformative health


Hotko, Katie. The Creative Potential of Visual Journals


Jayasooriya, Vajira. Ridesharing and Australian tourism


Korn, Bruce. The applicability of Social Exchange Theory to golf tourism




McCoy, Gary. Governance and Risk Management in Competitive Organised Sports Involving Natural Environments


McDowall, Donald. How Palmer’s healing practice of tone established the spread of chiropractic from 1886 to 1913


Richards, Dennis. Vitalism and Value in Chiropractic. Overview and Conclusions


Siegel, Lisa. Towards the Gynocene: collectively exploring the intersection of environmentalism, feminism, & education


Siler, Nate. Rationalising the high performance of various educational jurisdictions on international benchmark assessments


Sirach, Nick. Confinement of Concrete with Recycled Plastic FRP Composites


Sivapalan, Achchuthan. Antecedents and consequences of green offering – related consumption values among consumers in an emerging country of Sri Lanka


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